Subsidy or Special Condition

What is considered a subsidy or special condition?

Subsidies and/or special conditions are considered when a substantial gainful activity (SGA) is made. Earning that represent the real value of the work you perform are used to decide if your work is SGA level.

What is a subsidy?

A “subsidy” is a support provided by your employer that may result in your receiving more than the actual value of the services you perform.

What is a special condition?

“Special condition” refers to support and on the job assistance provided by your employer, a vocational rehabilitation agency. Because of this support, you may receive more pay than the actual value of the serviced you perform.

How can you tell if subsidies or special conditions apply to you?

A subsidy or special condition may exist if one of the following is true:

Do subsidies or special conditions affect my SSI payments?

No. Subsidies and special conditions are not considered when figuring out your SSI payment amount.

For more information on Subsidies and Special Condition please visit the Social Security Administration