Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits Calculator
See how working will affect your SSI benefits

As a member working on a TE or an SE there may be a change in your SSI check. Please use the calculator below to calculate how your benefits will be effected.

Things to Remember:

Additional options
To calculate your new SSI check amount, an $85.00 deduction is applied to your Monthly Gross Wages and half the remainder is then subtracted from Your SSI Check. To use a different initial deduction than the default $85.00, please change it below.

Other effects of working:

  • • Working may reduce your Food Stamps if you are making more than $150 a month.
  • • Working may affect your rent if you are in Supported Housing Apartment.
  • • Working will not affect your Medicaid but if you lose all your SSI due to work you will need to fill out a form called Medicaid for Working People with Disabilities.