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Company Job Title Description Wage Schedule Hours/week Shift Employment Type Start Date Est. End Date Placement Manager Open?
Bluebird Designs Landscaper Support seasonal planting and landscaping projects as needed. 15.00 5 times a year, as needed 0.00 Morning Transitional 01-15-2024 01-19-2024 Ana (Home & Garden) Yes
Jack Rabbit Deliveries Fill-in Supported Employment Deliver meals to homebound adults as a permanent job. must have cell phone, good navigation skills, good texting skills, reliable. Can get 3+ days of work per week. 15.00 M-F 8am-12pm 15.00 Morning Supported 07-02-2018 12-25-2020 Rachel (Social Enterprise) Yes
City Beet Kitchens Server Serve lunch at a residential facility 18.37 M-F, 11:30am-2:30pm 15.00 Afternoon Transitional 08-21-2023 02-23-2024 Elaine, Edward, Danielle (Wellness) Yes
Rapid Delivery Services Outdoor Messenger Deliver packages throughout NYC 15.00 Schedule and hours vary, start date TBD 30.00 Morning Supported 03-30-2018 03-30-2018 Marlene (ERC) Yes