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Company Job Title Description Wage Schedule Hours/week Shift Employment Type Start Date Est. End Date Placement Manager Open?
Uniqlo Sales Associate A sales associate is the customer service specialist of the store. They are responsible for exceeding customer expectations by listening to customer needs, finding products that meet their needs, providing in depth product information about the goods they are interested in and closing the sale. MUST HAVE RECENT CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE. 15.00 varies 0.00 Afternoon Supported 11-12-2018 11-18-2019 speak with Ian Yes
Jack Rabbit Deliveries Courier Make food deliveries in the neighborhood. 15.00 M-F 9-11am 10.00 Morning Transitional 02-10-2020 02-10-2020 Rachel (ERC) Yes
Jack Rabbit Deliveries Fill-in Supported Employment Deliver meals to homebound adults as a permanent job. must have cell phone, good navigation skills, good texting skills, reliable. Can get 3+ days of work per week. 15.00 M-F 8am-12pm 15.00 Morning Supported 07-02-2018 12-25-2020 Rachel (Social Enterprise) Yes
Clearly, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton Indoor Messenger Deliver mail to law firms in the building (heavy lifting*) 15.00 M-F 10am-2pm 20.00 Morning Transitional 02-10-2020 02-10-2020 Damien & Chris J. (Welcome Center) Yes
Rapid Delivery Services Outdoor Messenger Deliver packages throughout NYC 15.00 Schedule and hours vary, start date TBD 30.00 Morning Supported 03-30-2018 03-30-2018 Apply online Yes