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Transitional Employment

TE is a part-time job placement managed by Fountain House at outside employer’s places of business. TEs are usually limited to 6 months. You do not generally need a resume, cover letter or interview to secure a placement. Members receive on-the-job training from workers at Fountain House on the job site. The employer pays members the prevailing wage of the position. To obtain a TE please see one of the placement managers connected to the TE.
Company Job Title Description Wage Schedule Hours/week Shift Start Date Est. End Date Placement Manager Open?
City Beet Kitchens Food Prep Worker Prepare and package food. 18.37 Tuesday-Friday, 8am-12pm 16.00 Morning 05-15-2023 06-02-2023 Raj, Mary, Katie, Elaine, Edward (Wellness) Yes
Jack Rabbit Deliveries Courier Make food deliveries in the neighborhood. 15.00 M-F 9-11am 10.00 Morning 06-13-2022 12-16-2022 Rachel (ERC) Yes
Fountain House + Body Sales Associate Make soaps, ring up sales and assist customers. 15.00 Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 4-7pm 6.00 Evening 04-17-2023 10-17-2023 Carmichael and Katherine (ERC) Yes